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The problems and issues facing the world we live in are not hard to identify. Most everyone is aware of the numerous challenges that daily confront the disadvantaged and less fortunate living among us and in far off communities.  Identifying and executing solutions to those problems is a much more difficult endeavor.  We firmly believe that there are an abundance of caring individuals and organizations who wish to become part of a solution to the many plights in their community, but simply don’t know how.  The purpose of our organization is to connect community changing ideas with the people and resources that can and will support them.

Elevate International, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that develops, sponsors, promotes and administers programs that change lives and improve the human condition.  Our mission is to “Elevate Communities – through community development, economic empowerment, social change, and faith in action.”  Additionally, through our Elevate Challenge, we aim to inspire a generation to personal responsibility and service to others.

Our programs are designed to:

  1. Encourage community advancement

  2. Promote service to others

  3. Empower disadvantaged populations

  4. Utilize self-sustaining and self-help strategies

  5. Support grassroots community development organizations and projects

  6. Provide economic and educational opportunities to those living in extreme poverty

Each one of us has been given special traits, skills, and talents.  We also believe that we have been given a certain set of responsibilities.  Chief among these is caring for and improving the lives of others.   Our aim is to inspire and connect individuals and groups through innovative initiatives that focus on leveling the playing field – by providing emerging communities and under-served people groups with opportunities, education, funding and enablement.

At Elevate we develop and administer our own community advancement initiatives, but we recognize that the world is a big place and we cannot change it on our own.  Through our online exchange, known as DirectConnect, we provide support for grassroots individuals and organizations with the ideas and energy to change their world.  We do this by giving them access to the funding, staffing and management resources necessary to transform their raw ideas into viable local or global community focused programs. The DirectConnect exchange will also provide new funding and staffing avenues for existing charitable organizations - allowing them to expand their programs, migrate into new areas, or simply maintain their existing initiatives.

Our current service and community development programs are being administered in and around Nairobi, Kenya, with expansion to other countries and people groups planned. The DirectConnect platform is scheduled to launch later this year.  Elevate’s 501(c)(3) status is currently pending with the United States Internal Revenue Service.  Once approved, all U.S. based donations will be tax-deductible retroactively to our application date.

Never underestimate the power of one...take the Elevate Challenge and take personal responsibility to improve the life of another.



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“What if all depended on you to change the world?”

Take the challenge...get involved...and make a difference.